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brushedbrushed /brʌʃt/ adjective [only before noun]  TIMbrushed cloth has been made so it is soft brushed cotton
Examples from the Corpus
brushedNo brushed aluminium and rosewood here; its stereo systems are designed with graph-paper severity to put across an austere seriousness.Some one should dig it out from the carpet under which it was brushed and blow the dust off it.Her hair was newly brushed and hanging loose around her shoulders.Subtleties in the texture of the grit, patches brushed clean of lichen, told him where to place his feet.Stratex paving has a brushed non-slip finish and comes in six different colours.It has no elasticity, is brittle and breaks easily when brushed or combed.Finally it was Alexei who made a noise, which might have indicated either disgust or anger, then brushed past.Ahead of us we could see our ridge, standing clear of the cloud, brushed purple in the strange early light.