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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrutalitybru‧tal‧i‧ty /bruːˈtæləti/ noun (plural brutalities) [countable, uncountable]  cruel and violent behaviour, or an event involving cruel and violent treatment allegations of police brutalitybrutality of the brutalities of war
Examples from the Corpus
brutalityAbout 30 policemen and warders swapped stories during the inaugural meeting about discrimination and brutality in their services.The sentence was carried out with great brutality, and his head was placed on London Bridge amidst general rejoicing.By then Saddam's regime was known throughout the world for its brutality and aggression.The killings were an act of mindless brutality.I forgot to add that I noticed your primitive brutality also this morning.Milosevic s brutality pushed them to further articulate their goal.Civil rights activists were appalled by the brutality of the police.He was also concerned that the brutality of political life would hurt me.General Leclerc's troops had shown great skill and speed, Gracey said, but much unnecessary brutality.
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