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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrutebrute1 /bruːt/ noun [countable]  VIOLENTCRUELa man who is cruel, violent, and not sensitive
Examples from the Corpus
bruteHe looked at her white face and the dark fear in her eyes and felt a brute.She had a husband, a great brawny brute of an ex R.A.F. pilot who knocked her about.a drunken bruteMilly had a husband -- a great brute of a man who knocked her about.Nomatterhow he had changed - if indeed he had changed - that man had once been a sadistic brute.It was therefore with a fit companion that I tackled the brute for a fourth attempt.She spun round and screamed, "Leave him alone, you brute!''
brutebrute2 adjective  1 brute force/strength2 [only before noun] simple and not involving any other facts or qualities The brute fact is that the situation will not improve. brute stupidity
Examples from the Corpus
bruteFor him, the whale was a brute beast which provided the source of his income.What they see is the brute fact of several thousand uncounted votes that would have made a difference.Even his strong-man routine seems devoid of any intelligence or style and focuses, instead, upon brute force and muscle.Instead of brute force, the clever approach would be to attack the weakest point.Low, relentless, brute power.The brute reality is that there is no political will for a repeat military operation to finish the job.But it is also a story of brute resolve and drive, and courage at a crunch.But like men, chimps do not rise entirely on brute strength.
BruteBru‧te /ˈbruːteɪ/   Et tu, Brute?
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