Date: 1200-1300
Language: Anglo-French
Origin: buket, from Old English buc 'container for pouring liquid, belly'


1 noun
buck‧et1 S2 [countable]
1DT an open container with a handle, used for carrying and holding things, especially liquids [= pail]
2 also bucketful the quantity of liquid that a bucket can hold
bucket of
a bucket of water
3TBC a part of a machine shaped like a large bucket and used for moving earth, water etc
4 informal a large amount of something:
They were drinking beer by the bucket.
bucket of
They made buckets of cash on the deal.

weep buckets

informal to cry a lot

in buckets

informal if rain comes down in buckets, it is raining very hard

➔ kick the bucket

at kick1 (20)

; ➔ a drop in the bucket

at drop2 (8)

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