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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuddybud‧dy /ˈbʌdi/ noun (plural buddies) [countable]  1 informalFRIENDLY a friend We’re good buddies.see thesaurus at friend2 TALK TO somebodyMAN American English spoken used to talk to a man or boy, especially one you do not know Hey, buddy! This your car?
Examples from the Corpus
buddyMonnett and a buddy, Jack Smith, of Sidney, Ohio, strolled to an upper-deck to watch the sea.And taking on the computer-generated demons with a buddy was more fun than playing alone.Timothy McVeigh and two army buddies are charged.It's all hands across the waters and let's be buddies.There was less arguing after that, but the two actors never became bosom buddies and never worked together again.Hey, buddy! Is this your car?But get right on it, buddy.He's one of Mike's buddies.He's out playing basketball with some of his high school buddies.It doesn't matter to me what you think, buddy boy.You can blast your buddies and taunt them verbally at the same time.The casual wink from you, the cheery salute from your buddy, the you-rascal-you smiles of recognition from your workmates.
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