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budgiebud‧gie /ˈbʌdʒi/ noun [countable] British English  DHPa small brightly coloured bird that people keep as a pet
Examples from the Corpus
budgieHe breeds budgies and my conservatory was full of birds.In summer, the little bungalows ring to the cheerful chirrup of hedge-clipper, budgies and Terry Wogan.They keep four budgies and three cats.She was looking at him the way his other nanny looked at her budgie.She stays at home with her budgie, her partner and her two surviving children.Are all our old breeds to become as useful as pet budgies?When they get there the china cabinet is still in one piece but the budgie is dead.Foot by foot she ascended. giving little whistling whispers to reassure the budgie.
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