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buffet car

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuffet carbuffet car /ˈbʊfeɪ kɑː $ bəˈfeɪ kɑːr/ (also buffet) noun [countable] British English  a part of a train where you can buy food and drink
Examples from the Corpus
buffet carMost trains are steam hauled by one of the railway's extensive collection of tank engines and include full buffet car facilities.Ffestiniog's Railway's buffet car No. 114 which incorporates refrigeration equipment and a carriage heating system.He travelled in the buffet car, leaning against the window with a drink.As she passed the buffet car her stomach rumbled, as if to remind her she hadn't eaten since lunchtime.The buffet car was up ahead; there was a young woman buying a drink and some sandwiches.
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