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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbugaboobug‧a‧boo /ˈbʌɡəbuː/ noun [countable] American English  FRIGHTENEDsomething that makes people anxious or afraid
Examples from the Corpus
bugabooOne of the Unnamed Martyrs hurries home while, out of sight, three club-clutching bugaboos lie doggo.Without the Communist bugaboo, Dornan was exposed as the crackpot that he is.Sounds like dangling that ole lawsuit bugaboo.Termite damage is one of the many bugaboos of owning a house.The second hazard is that old bugaboo, moisture, encouraging mildew growth and eventual decay.Meanwhile, Theodore Roosevelt, the bugaboo of monopolists, had just been elected to a second term.
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