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2 verb
bugger2 [transitive] British English
1 spoken not polite said when you are annoyed or angry:
Bugger it! I don't see why I should pay for everything.

I'm buggered/bugger me!

spoken not polite said when you are surprised about something:
Well I'm buggered! I never thought you'd do that.

bugger the ...

spoken not polite used to say that you do not care about the person or thing you are talking about:
Bugger the expense, I'm going to buy it!
4 taboo or law to have anal sex with someone

bugger about

phrasal verb
1 to behave in a stupid way or waste time [= mess about/around]:
Let's stop buggering about and go.

bugger somebody about

to cause unnecessary problems for someone [= mess somebody about/around]:
Don't let Peter bugger you about.

bugger off

phrasal verb
to go away or leave a place:
Tim buggered off to Australia years ago.
'Bugger off!' she screamed.

bugger something ↔ up

phrasal verb
to ruin something or do something very badly [= cock up, mess up]:
It really buggered up our plans when the train was cancelled.

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