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building contractor

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building contractorˈbuilding conˌtractor / $ ˈ.. ˌ.../ noun [countable]  BBCTBCsomeone whose job is to organize the building of a house, office, factory etc
Examples from the Corpus
building contractorShe and Joe Greenspun, a building contractor, married in Detroit in 1951.Perchance I was speaking by telephone this afternoon to a building contractor who specialises in this type of work.Her father, Nicholas Bojaxhiu, was a building contractor.As a former building contractor, he had an eye for a sound investment in bricks and mortar.Contract complete: Specialist building contractor Hall & Tawse has completed another contact within cost and ahead of programme.
From Longman Business Dictionarybuilding contractorˈbuilding conˌtractorPROPERTY a person or company that builds houses, offices, public buildings etc under the terms of a contracta contract to supply building materials to a building contractor contractor
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