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built environment

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuilt environmentˌbuilt enˈvironment noun [singular] especially British English  places where there are buildings and roads, and not the countryside
Examples from the Corpus
built environmentHowever, put them in a novel built environment and they will walk for miles.Nowadays we literally can not afford to neglect the investment, the hard financial investment, stored in our built environment.Full appreciation of place will involve exploration of the inter-relationships among the physical environment, the built environment, and the people.Now imagine, Weiser suggests, computation and connection embedded into the built environment to the same degree.The most important powers available to planners are development controls, which operate predominantly at the level of the built environment.Rotating local authors include designer / writer Lynette Evans on how people respond to the built environment.But being simpler, the missions communicate a clearer essence of what the built environment in Southern California ought to look like.The built environment therefore equates to the sum total of all the assembled items which surround us, both natural and man-made.
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