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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuilt-inˌbuilt-ˈin ●○○ adjective  PARTforming a part of something that cannot be separated from itinbuilt a built-in microphone
Examples from the Corpus
built-inHer answers range from laminated boxes and wall-mounted baskets to built-in cabinets and architectural alterations.The camera has a built-in flash.Anti-corrosion should be built-in from the start.Controlled by a hand-held remote with a small built-in keyboard, it would be used to browse the World Wide Web.Not for them the £120,000 customised horse-boxes around them with built-in kitchens, television and sleeping accommodation.Their measurements are less than those of standard ovens, although built-in models are the same width as built-in conventional ovens.Armoires had built-in tie racks; desk chairs folded down to fit in a home-office unit.Fortunately, being a nurse, she had the built-in weakness for the sick that belongs to all nurses.
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