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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuilt-upˌbuilt-ˈup adjective  a built-up area has a lot of buildings and not many open spaces He was fined for speeding in a built-up area.
Examples from the Corpus
built-upTry to see five miles ahead on a country road and at least two to three hundred yards in a built-up area.In built-up areas, the problem is cars and street lights.On passage, and sometimes in winter, Water Rails may occur in built-up areas.Under normal circumstances barred owls do not frequent built-up areas.It gathered speed and raced towards the built-up complexes.He tugs one leg up and examines the built-up shoe.The closed, trusting eyes were surrounded by scars and small mounds of built-up skin.She garnished her built-up Trifle with strips of bright currant jelly, crystallised sweetmeats or flowers.
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