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bulletin board

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bulletin boardˈbulletin ˌboard noun [countable]  1 American EnglishDS a board on the wall that you put information or pictures on syn noticeboard British English2 TDa place in a computer information system where you can read or leave messages
Examples from the Corpus
bulletin boardThe whole wall is like a bulletin board, made of some new, crumbly building-material.To call a local computer bulletin board, you would use: A.. The Terminal program in Windows.I hung it up on my bulletin board.Officials from Aiken studied those systems and spent two years planning, realizing that they wanted more than a text-type bulletin board.
From Longman Business Dictionarybulletin boardˈbulletin ˌboard noun [countable]1especially American English a large board fixed to a wall where people can put notes and messages for other people to read SYN notice board BrE2COMPUTING electronic bulletin board a place on an computer information system where you read or leave messages
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