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bulrushbul‧rush /ˈbʊlrʌʃ/ noun [countable]  HBPa tall plant that looks like grass and grows by water
Examples from the Corpus
bulrushGrabbing fruitlessly at bulrush stalks, which snap like chicken bones, he crashes face down into the mud.Grasping a handful of bulrushes to steady herself, she leaned precariously out to grab it.Upstream from Leamington Spa, the river Leam flows lazily among waterlilies and tall bulrushes.In the distance, between the bulrush plumes, a bridge across the stream can be seen among the foliage.MacAdams would let the bulrushes and willows grow.The surrounding carved stonework contained the date, and in the middle were metal panels displaying a dolphin with bulrushes.
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