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bumperbump‧er1 /ˈbʌmpə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 British EnglishTTC a bar fixed on the front and back of a car to protect it if it hits anything syn fender American English2 bumper-to-bumper
Examples from the Corpus
bumperA battered and burned work basket projects low down in front like a bumper.Insiders say the front air intake, rounded but not necessarily elliptical, will be below the impact-absorbing front bumper.Not to mention an artificial grass lawn on the hood and a white picket fence on the front bumper.Our driver rolled up his window and backed away, lightly tapping the front bumper of the car behind.Both rackets have a synthetic protective bumper guard and both come in two colourways.He also threatened to drag him down the street handcuffed to the bumper of his car.
bumperbumper2 adjective [only before noun]  BIGunusually largebumper crop/harvest We hope readers will enjoy this bumper issue of ‘Homes and Gardens’.
Examples from the Corpus
bumperThis year, however, it looks like a bumper crop.Without a bumper harvest, refinancing will saddle many farmers with more debt that they can handle.Falcon Holidays is predicting a bumper January and has already sold almost 40 % of its summer programme for 2001.bumper crop/harvestJacques was speaking enthusiastically about the crop of grapes which the vines had produced, and was prophesying a bumper harvest.Picture your garden bed of cucumbers, a very large patch of them, a bumper crop.This year, however, it looks like a bumper crop.The only thing I see them reaping is a bumper crop of boredom.He also contends that Democrats have not produced a bumper crop of congressional candidates this year.Potatoes INSTEAD of destroying their bumper crop of potatoes, farmers should give them to the needy.Apple trees were straining beneath the weight of a bumper crop of what looked like Cox's orange pippins.Without a bumper harvest, refinancing will saddle many farmers with more debt that they can handle.
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