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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbumpybump‧y /ˈbʌmpi/ ●●○ adjective (comparative bumpier, superlative bumpiest)  1 FLATa bumpy surface is flat but has a lot of raised parts, so it is difficult to walk or drive on it syn uneven opp smooth a bumpy road The ground is bumpy in places.see thesaurus at rough2 COMFORTABLEa bumpy journey by car or plane is uncomfortable, with movements up and down because of bad road or weather conditions opp smooth The plane made a bumpy landing.3 a bumpy ride/time
Examples from the Corpus
bumpyFasten your seatbelt, this ride may be bumpy.He says it's not the toughest course but it's very hard and bumpy.Every now and then a car rumbled over the bumpy dirt road, leaving behind a whirl of white dust.bumpy dirt roadsOther technology issues sizzled for the year despite a bumpy finish.Yet despite a bumpy first year, most students were engaged in productive work.Not many people chose to take a ride on such a bumpy, gloomy road after dark in the month of January.After a bumpy landing, all the passengers cheered and thanked the pilot.It's going to be a bumpy read.To get to Agra we had to endure a long bumpy ride in an old bus.Since the programme was announced in 1998, like previous eradication campaigns, it has had a bumpy ride.Neal drove the last mile down the bumpy road towards the highway.A bumpy, shaky ride back across Paris.The field was too bumpy to play football on.
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