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bunbun /bʌn/ noun [countable] 🔊 🔊 1 British EnglishDF a small round sweet cake 🔊 a sticky bun2 DFa small round type of bread 🔊 a hamburger bun3 cheeseburger.jpg DCBif a woman has her hair in a bun, she fastens it in a small round shape at the back of her head4 → buns5 → have a bun in the oven
Examples from the Corpus
bunâ€Ē This species looks rather like a bun, but not highly convex, and with a five-sided outline.â€Ē Spoon into the choux buns and sprinkle with paprika.â€Ē She so obviously hadn't given up stuffing herself with Salmon's cream buns.â€Ē Gao Yang counted seven old fingers buried in the steamed bun, which had long since given up its original shape.â€Ē The blanched nape of a neck, spiders of hair breaking free of the bun, twirling on the surface.â€Ē While the buns were cooking members were divided into teams.
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