2 verb
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1 [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to quickly push someone or something somewhere because you are in a hurry or you want to hide them
bundle somebody into/through etc something
They bundled Perez into the car and drove off.
2 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] British English to move somewhere quickly in a group
bundle into/through etc
Six of us bundled into a taxi.
3TD [transitive] to include computer software or other services with a new computer at no extra cost
bundle something with/into something
Microsoft can bundle Windows NT at discounted prices with its popular desktop application programs.
bundle something together
The company offered customers a single computer solution, bundling together hardware and software.

bundle somebody ↔ off

phrasal verb
to send someone somewhere quickly without asking them if they want to go

bundle somebody/something ↔ up

phrasal verb
1 also bundle something ↔ together to make a bundle by tying things together:
Bundle up the newspapers and take them to the skip.
2 also bundle something ↔ together to put different things together so that they are dealt with at the same time:
The lawsuit bundles together the claims of many individuals into one big case.
3 to put warm clothes on someone or yourself because it is cold:
People sat bundled up in scarves, coats, and boots.
bundle somebody/something ↔ up against
spectators bundled up against the cold

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