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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishburdensomebur‧den‧some /ˈbɜːdnsəm $ ˈbɜːr-/ adjective  PROBLEM formal causing problems or additional work These charges are particularly burdensome for poor parents.
Examples from the Corpus
burdensomeSome employers have said that they believe that a requirement to review the check-off annually would be unnecessary and burdensome.The need for prudence was not what they found most burdensome, however.I am sorry your life is so burdensome, I only wish I could help in some way.One thing is certain: Moscow will have a say as to whether the burdensome Lukashenko stays in power.He seems to be ready for the more burdensome necessities of the job.burdensome responsibilitiesOh, the service here is less burdensome than girls expect.His next exploit was to fight and conquer the Minyans, who had been exacting a burdensome tribute from the Thebans.He said the Treasury is trying to achieve its ends in the least burdensome way possible.
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