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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishburnerburn‧er /ˈbɜːnə $ ˈbɜːrnər/ noun [countable]  1 DFC British English the part of an oven or heater that produces heat or a flame a gas burner2 American English one of the round parts on the top of a cooker that produce heat3 put/leave something on the back burner Bunsen burner
Examples from the Corpus
burnerAll burners have automatic ignition and re-ignition.Their other project, meanwhile, is on the back burner.He waylaid Stella in the paint-frame where she had been sent to boil rabbit glue on the Bunsen burner.The connections were loose, and the optic burner didn't respond to her impulse command.When he said no, she turned down the burner on the stove.It may be necessary to pre-heat the burner in cool weather and the fumes can be smelly.I have hot-air heat, with burner and furnace three years old.
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