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burning ambition/desire/need etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishburning ambition/desire/need etcburning ambition/desire/need etca burning ambition, desire, need etc is very strong My burning ambition is to be world champion. burning
Examples from the Corpus
burning ambition/desire/need etcBruce was a short, stocky man with red hair and a burning ambition.The second time, it was a passion, a burning desire.It hadn't been an easy task, and in spite of his burning ambition and will to succeed.His own unashamed, burning ambition is' to make money.I just have never had a burning desire to practice law.You see, she had this burning ambition to succeed on the stage.But they didn't reckon with her burning ambition to win a third time.Both books, written out of what had gradually become a burning ambition, were however nothing more than starters.
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