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burnoutburn‧out /ˈbɜːnaʊt $ ˈbɜːrn-/ noun  1 TIRED[uncountable] the feeling of always being tired because you have been working too hard Many of the teachers are suffering from burnout.2 TTS[countable, uncountable] the time when a rocket or jet has finished all of its fuel and stops operating
Examples from the Corpus
burnoutThey also can suffer from burnout.Young boys recruited at an early age by soccer clubs often suffer from burnout before they're out of their teens.Nurses on these units have a high rate of burnout.Political polling is an extremely difficult job, and there is a high rate of burnout.I tell this story to illustrate how severe burnout can get.Living constantly in a nightmare frequently leads to severe burnout.
From Longman Business Dictionaryburnoutburn‧out /ˈbɜːnaʊtˈbɜːrn-/ noun [countable]1HUMAN RESOURCES a feeling of extreme tiredness and lack of energy caused by working too hardWith longer vacations you would see less burnout and higher productivity.2American English when people stop doing something because they are tired of doing it or feel they have been asked to do it too muchDonor burnout grows as requests for money increase and fewer people can afford to give.
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