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burrburr /bɜː $ bɜːr/ noun [countable]  1 (also bur)HBP the seed container of some plants, covered with sharp points that make it stick to things2 SPEAK A LANGUAGE British English a way of pronouncing English with a strong ‘r’ sound3 SOUNDa fairly quiet regular sound like something turning quickly syn whirr the burr of a motor4 a rough spot on a piece of metal
Examples from the Corpus
burrUsually in cases like that, one of the drive teeth has a burr on it.He was missing two front teeth, and his hair was cut short in a burr.Yet the one small doubt stuck in her mind like a burr in tweed.This man was lodging himself like an irritating burr under her skin.In most instances, a kink will produce a slight burr on the surface which can be smoothed out.Where had I heard that burr?The burr of reform still rolled in the Garnock Valley.The burr will prevent a proper fitting being made and can also cut your fingers.
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