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burritobur‧ri‧to /bəˈriːtəʊ $ -toʊ/ noun (plural burritos) [countable]  DFFa Mexican dish made with a tortilla (=flat thin bread) folded around meat or beans with cheese
Examples from the Corpus
burritoThey sold 271 burritos on game day, 38 the day before.Two different excuses, first a burrito and then a burglary.Rosenberg said Cupo also set the price, $ 6 for a burrito.At lunch another truck swung into the parking lot, and we ate burritos and prepackaged sandwiches.He dropped his cigarette into his burrito.Even eating a jumbo burrito he looked good.Over tacos, burritos and chickpea salads, they discussed logistics, finances, wardrobes and health concerns.Taco Bell: The burritos and fajitas are among the easiest foods to eat on the fly.
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