Date: 1800-1900
Origin: omnibus


1 noun
Related topics: Computers, Motor Vehicles
bus1 S1 W2 plural buses also busses especially American English [countable]
1TTC a large vehicle that people pay to travel onCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
get on a bus get off a bus wait for a bus catch a bus take a bus ride a bus American English miss a bus (=be too late to get on a bus) bus fare (=money you pay for a bus journey) bus pass (=a card you buy that allows you to make several bus journeys) bus ride/trip/journey bus route (=the way a bus goes) school bus
There were a lot of people on the bus.
She got on the bus at Clark Street.
I'll tell you when to get off the bus.
a line of people waiting for a bus
Sally had to run to catch the bus.
I took the bus to the university.
Try riding the bus for a peso or two.
Hurry up or we'll miss the bus!
by bus
The best way to get there is by bus.
Unable to afford bus fares, she walked to interviews.
I lost my glasses on the school bus.
2TD a circuit that connects the main parts of a computer so that signals can be sent from one part of the computer to another

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