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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbusilybus‧i‧ly /ˈbɪzəli/ adverb  in a busy way Students were busily writing notes.
Examples from the Corpus
busilyThe children were painting busily at their easels.Outside the scholars' rooms sat a line of bearded old men busily correcting specimens of Arabic calligraphy.Banks are busily designing privately placed securities that exploit the many available tax loopholes.Even analysts who have been busily downgrading tech stocks tend to characterize the rout as a correction, not a long-term trend.Once a drop of yellow mango juice fell on his loin-cloth and he scratched the stain busily for several minutes.Mussels had colonised the remains of an ancient forest and we asked about waders, so busily taking advantage and feasting there.The spot where the scientist had lain curled, busily taking photographs and taking notes, is preempted by the pilot.Saatchi, another busily traded share, jumped 40p to 340p.
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