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business plan

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbusiness planˈbusiness ˌplan noun [countable]  a document that explains what a company wants to do in the future, and how it plans to do it
Examples from the Corpus
business planConnecting a business plan and a business manager to each editorial section is alarming.Likewise a business plan should be developed in order to chart the proposed progress.Each would prepare a business plan that included sales projections, budget requirements, and net profitability.A business plan for the project is in the final stages of preparation, as are publicity brochures and leaflets.Are you ready to put down a specific business plan or road map as the next step in achieving your mission?To raise the cash they need, managers give their bankers a three-year business plan.Understanding these potential dangers will help you prepare your business plan and stick to it.
From Longman Business Dictionarybusiness planˈbusiness ˌplanFINANCEACCOUNTING a document produced by a company, especially a new company, giving details of expected sales and costs, and how the business can be financed, and showing why the plan will make moneyTo raise the cash they need, managers will be required to give their bankers a three-year business plan. plan
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