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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbusinesswomanbusi‧ness‧wom‧an /ˈbɪznəsˌwʊmən/ noun (plural businesswomen /-ˌwɪmɪn/) [countable]  BUSINESSa woman who works in business
Examples from the Corpus
businesswomanIn any case, why not a businesswoman?Cathi Robbins is an accomplished businesswoman, Rick a professional guitarist who was a scratch golfer at 16.The third opportunity is offered by Cristina, a Brasov businesswoman with her own workshop and retail shop.Her role must have been curiously akin to that of the executive businesswoman today, exercising the skills of management and delegation.A 12-hour plane flight away, San Francisco businesswoman Leslie Tang has learned a lot from her dad.And shrewd businesswoman that she has quickly become, she is milking the phenomenon for all it is worth.The deeply-exotic singer is, at least by pop standards, a smart businesswoman.One of them, Hajjah Nur Yaumin, is a sophisticated businesswoman.
From Longman Business Dictionarybusinesswomanbusi‧ness‧wom‧an /ˈbɪznəsˌwʊmən/ noun (plural businesswomen /-ˌwɪmɪn/) [countable]JOB a woman who works at a high level in a company, or who owns a companya highly successful businesswoman
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