Sense: 1-3
Date: 1600-1700
Language: French
Origin: buste, from Italian busto, from Latin bustum 'place where a body is buried, statue put by such a place'
Sense: 4
Date: 1900-2000
Origin: BUST1


2 noun
bust2 [countable]
1AVS a model of someone's head, shoulders, and upper chest, usually made of stone or metal
bust of
a bust of Beethoven
2HBHDC a woman's breasts, or the part of her clothes that covers her breasts
3DC a measurement around a woman's breast and back:
a 36-inch bust
4 informal a situation in which the police go into a place in order to catch people doing something illegal:

➔ boom to bust

at boom1 (1)

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