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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbustlingbus‧tling /ˈbʌsəlɪŋ/ adjective  BUSY PLACEa bustling place is very busybustling with somebody/something The flower market was bustling with shoppers.
Examples from the Corpus
bustlingEven the bustling atmosphere of the 550 building itself seemed not to have invaded the Hugo Varna floor.The bustling downtown area of Chicago is dotted with massive new office developments.It wasn't the bustling energy she objected to, but the impersonality.It is situated close to the resort's centre and the colourful bustling market, yet only 150 yards from the beach.a small bustling Mexican restaurantThe old market is a busy, bustling place, full of local colour.The once bustling riverside is now a quiet street, with many of the old buildings well preserved.It is surrounded by bustling shops, bars and entertainment, and close to the well-equipped sandy beach.Craigendarroch is the perfect base for discovering the surrounding countryside with its bustling towns, and picturesque villages.
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