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busy yourself with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbusy yourself with somethingbusy yourself with somethingSPEND MONEYto use your time dealing with something He busied himself with answering letters. busy
Examples from the Corpus
busy yourself with somethingWhile Muhammed Shah and his circle busied themselves with amusement, Safdarjung consolidated his position.Morning comes, and Blue starts busying himself with another disguise.I busied myself with answering letters.It was ajar and he could see the young woman busying herself with chores before reopening the shop for the afternoon trade.Franca naturally busied herself with genuine tasks, of which there were always plenty.She busies herself with recruiting phone calls.I busied myself with the cooking until I was interrupted by an exquisite baritone.Could it be that man over there busying himself with the nutcracker display?Two days before the opening Soo stayed in the shop and busied herself with white paint and a large board.
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