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by any chance

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishby any chanceby any chancespokenTRUE used to ask politely whether something is true Are you Mrs Grant, by any chance? chance
Examples from the Corpus
by any chanceIs Mr Sands awake by any chance?Do you feel, by any chance, awful?Does my right hon. Friend by any chance recollect the average inflation rate under the last Labour Government?But before you call anyone, find out if by any chance he has a telephone number in Marshfield.Is there a connection between Jack Benny and Charles Manson, by any chance?Can anyone out there tell me what frequency Radio 5 broadcasts on ... by any chance on shortwave?Are they, as Private Eye might say, by any chance related?I wanted to ask her if she was, by any chance, called Veronica, but I didn't dare.Would you, by any chance, know where a pay phone is?
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