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(by) courtesy of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(by) courtesy of something(by) courtesy of somethingif one thing happens courtesy of another, the second thing caused the first Healy received a deep cut on his left hand, courtesy of Nicole’s ice skate. courtesy
Examples from the Corpus
(by) courtesy of somethingBut this was the end of extra leave by courtesy of Major Ansell.Her hair is now streaked with expensive frosting courtesy of e Christofe, Beverly Hills stylist to the superstars.Even more tips are likely to come in courtesy of the tabloid media.The hon. Gentleman does not have to worry about the normal courtesy of staying to listen to the next speaker.Reproduced courtesy of the Wykeham Galleries Procedure I stand at an easel to paint.We enclose a stamped, addressed envelope for the courtesy of your reply.I also owed Maggie the courtesy of letting her know I didn't need her to do my legwork any longer.
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