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by/from all accounts

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishby/from all accountsby/from all accountsSAY/STATEaccording to what a lot of people say It has, from all accounts, been a successful marriage. account
Examples from the Corpus
by/from all accountsBy all accounts, Garcia was an excellent manager.She was calculating and ambitious, and by all accounts at least a competent journalist.Astor was a shy, austere and, by all accounts, unlovable man.Shaughnessy was a heroic figure-a brilliant writer and by all accounts a splendid teacher and leader.Caligula was degenerate but, by all accounts, did not deign to hide the fact.Elephants, by all accounts, were pretty strong too.But Alice was the only one of the Pritchetts who had, from all accounts, risen above her station in life.Now there's Dan Crawley in hospital with the pneumonia, and poor Jenny is penniless by all accounts.The original building was, by all accounts, demolished when St. John's railway station was constructed on its present site.
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