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by/from the sound of it/things

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishby/from the sound of it/thingsby/from the sound of it/thingsJUDGEjudging from what you have heard or read about something By the sound of it, things are worse than we thought. sound
Examples from the Corpus
by/from the sound of it/thingsYou've had a hard day, and by the sound of it not an easy life.But by the sound of it your brothers are a hale and hearty pair.Something hissed - steam escaping, from the sound of it.In the other boat, the priest had started gabbling in Latin - the Dies Irae, by the sound of it.And all this provided by Summerchild, from the sound of it.Ana was trapped here, though, by the sound of it.He heard Lee shooting them down, then him whistling. From the sound of it he was still around.But then Summerchild didn't know himself to start with, by the sound of it.
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