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by/in leaps and bounds

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishby/in leaps and boundsby/in leaps and boundsLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTif something increases, develops, grows etc by leaps and bounds, it does it very quickly Lifeboat technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. leap
Examples from the Corpus
by/in leaps and boundsAs the 1860s drew to a close, Kansas effectively put its violent heritage behind; change accelerated by leaps and bounds.Existing industries expanded in leaps and bounds.In fact, vegetarianism is growing by leaps and bounds, particularly among the health-conscious.Meanwhile, California was now using up its entire entitlement and still growing by leaps and bounds.Since Richard left for California last fall, my bank account has grown by leaps and bounds.The women's confidence increased by leaps and bounds.He has come on in leaps and bounds this season.Meanwhile, Charles was recovering in leaps and bounds.
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