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by means of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishby means of somethingby means of somethingWAY/METHOD formal using a particular method or system The blocks are raised by means of pulleys. means
Examples from the Corpus
by means of somethingWord of the Barrio barred owl spread among birders by means of an efficient and long established telephone grapevine.Let us briefly consider how you might analyze this claim by means of the scientific method.Initially this will be done by means of markers or cones and we will explain the new arrangements to the children.Or gas before he backed himself into a corner and tried to escape by means of the faro table.Maximilian was killed by means of a carbonic acid injection.Other ethnographic techniques Ethnographic research is not carried out only by means of participant observation and unstructured interviewing.Funds for economic development were provided by means of sterling bond issues in the London capital market.Critics were silenced by means of torture and unfair trials.
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