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by-productˈby-ˌproduct, byproduct /ˈbaɪˌprɒdʌkt $ -ˌprɑː-/ noun [countable]  1 TIsomething additional that is produced during a natural or industrial processby-product of a by-product of oil refining2 RESULTan unplanned additional result of something that you doby-product of Job losses are an unfortunate byproduct of the recession. end product
Examples from the Corpus
by-productSome theories may be such that behaviour that follows them is also neutral as a by-product.How people feel about facts is a by-product.Such experiences are not accidental by-products of complicated physical structures.Another by-product of space exploration is a growing awareness of this planet's fragile environment.That was Jack's introduction to tinnitus, the head noises which are a deeply distressing by-product of some forms of deafness.Turquoise, originally considered a mere by-product of copper mining, was vigorously promoted by Waddell's father, B.C.Law itself is the by-product of custom built up by habit.One of the by-products of the peace treaty was the growth of trade between the two nations.The cakes themselves are unintended by-products of the recipes.
From Longman Business Dictionaryby-productˈby-ˌproduct (also byproduct) noun [countable]1MANUFACTURINGsomething produced during the process of making something else, especially during an industrial processBran is a byproduct of the milling process.2something unexpected or unplanned that happens as a result of something else happeningThe fiscal crisis is a byproduct of the recession.
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