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by the same token

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishby the same tokenby the same tokenformalSAME for the same reasons – used when you want to say that something else is also true, especially something very different or surprising I realise that he hasn’t come up with any new ideas, but by the same token we haven’t needed any. same
Examples from the Corpus
by the same tokenIt would forfeit, by the same token, any claim to be recognised as law.I want to win, but by the same token, I don't want to hurt Sam's confidence.But by the same token, it can be understood more or less differently.But by the same token it is most likely that in their own interests they would scrutinize the work of contemporary photographers.The boat lunges forward and yet almost by the same token lunges back again.Conversely, by the same token, no statement is immune to revision.Space-time is therefore an extremely stiff medium, and by the same token small-amplitude waves carry large energies.And, by the same token, the world will come to be filled with the links in this causal chain.The inducement to give is greater, but by the same token there is a cost to the Exchequer in lost revenue.
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