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by/through the agency of somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishby/through the agency of somebodyby/through the agency of somebodyformalHELP being done as the result of someone’s help agency
Examples from the Corpus
by/through the agency of somebodyDubos started from the assumption that all organic matter added to the soil eventually undergoes decomposition through the agency of micro-organisms.Finally, an active regional policy was introduced through the agency of the Board of Trade.Any extra equipment or special materials he required could be obtained through the agency of the headquarters' staff.Thrift has nearly killed her on several occasions, through the agency of old sausages, slow-punctured tyres, rusty blades.It operates through the agencies of the different control systems such as the autonomic nervous system, hormonal system, immune system etc.It is then enforced and upheld by the agencies of the state.
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