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by turns

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishby turnsby turnsCHANGE FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHERORDER/SEQUENCEchanging from one quality, feeling etc to another By turns, a 14 year old is affectionate then aggressive, silent then outspoken. turn
Examples from the Corpus
by turnsThe script is terrible, the acting by turns melodramatic and wooden, the direction confused.Yes, so catlike, owlish, aggressive and passive, hostile and amicable by turns.She had been by turns confused, angry, and finally jealous.Beneath her external calm, she raged and felt frightened by turns.And her listener feels both protective and irritated by turns.Bedford is by turns hilarious and ironic in the best sense: compassionate and yet clear-eyed.For the conductors, the process is by turns exciting and exhausting, agonizing and enlightening.I felt myself growing shy and scared by turns.She is both ingenuous and sophisticated by turns.
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