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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbyebye1 /baɪ/ ●●● S1 interjection  informalGOODBYE goodbye Bye, Dave.bye for now (=used to say that you will see or speak to someone again soon)
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byebye2 noun [countable]  DSa situation in a sports competition in which a player or a team does not have an opponent to play against and continues to the next part of the competition
Examples from the Corpus
byeBanbridge, Dungannon, Bangor and North have byes to the second round.But the finger stayed down and, to add insult, Sri Lanka's batsmen trotted a cheeky leg bye.They had talked about enjoying the bye week.Since the advent of the bye week in 1990, the Rams are 3-5 the week afterward.Maybe it was the bye week hex.The Raiders actually have had two weeks to prepare for Denver, with both teams coming off their bye week.
bye-bye- /baɪ/ prefix  another spelling of by-
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