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bywayby‧way /ˈbaɪweɪ/ noun [countable]  1 TTRROAD/PATHa small road or path that is not used very much2 byways
Examples from the Corpus
bywayA highway for this purpose is defined as including footpaths, bridleways and byways.To that end, Fabia left her hotel and, an inveterate walker, explored the highways and byways of Mariánské Láznë.This smallish grid of brick byways features pale Easteregg-colored houses old as anything in town.Drop off at Lower Bridge Street, a gem of an old-fashioned byway, and browse among fashionable shops and restaurants.Anyone with taste for late-Romantic byways should enjoy this piece, though the 23-minute first movement is decidedly long for its material.He has mastered the rules, the byways and folkways of life in an entirely different universe.One of them was Moon-Watcher; once again he felt inquisitive tendrils creeping down the unused byways of his brain.
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