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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishByzantineBy‧zan‧tine /baɪˈzæntaɪn, -tiːn, bɪ- $ ˈbɪzəntiːn, -taɪn/ adjective  1 COMPLICATED (also byzantine) complicated and difficult to understand the byzantine complexity of our tax laws2 relating to the Byzantines or the Byzantine Empire a 5th-century Byzantine church
Examples from the Corpus
ByzantineThere are 3 great sets of commentaries on Aristotle: the neo-Aristotelian, the neo-Platonic and the Byzantine.And the Byzantine coins imply some connection with Constantinople.But the Byzantine emperors were themselves no more trusting and would generally keep their foreign envoys in virtual isolation.The Orthodox Church is composed of 23 self-governing churches that emerged from the Byzantine Empire.Apart from the dome and pendentive construction, Byzantine methods and materials vary according to locality.Inside, there are frescoes in rich colour typical of the best of late Byzantine work.The adjacent campanile is also interesting and is a combination of Norman and Byzantine work.
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