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cabbagecab‧bage /ˈkæbɪdʒ/ ●●○ noun  1 cabbage.jpg HBP[countable, uncountable] a large round vegetable with thick green or purple leaves2 MI[countable] British English informal someone who cannot think, move, speak etc as a result of brain injury syn vegetable
Examples from the Corpus
cabbageBut along comes a cabbage root fly, whose larvae feed on the roots.Do they still boil cabbage to a soupy pulp in Britain, and pour the vitamin C down the drain?Whether you are cultivating cabbages or grapes, care is needed to achieve a good harvest: good grapes make good wine.Geoffrey as quartermaster issued Joe with three kilos of rice, a couple of dried cabbage, and some dried pork.But by the time Daley was born, most people had stopped raising cabbage and had taken to raising politicians.Add the red cabbage and saute for an additional five minutes.The red cabbage salad is an extra treat on the plate.Almost by return, he was hit by a missile which looked like a rotting cabbage.
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