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cabincab‧in /ˈkæbɪn/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 TBBHOMEa small house, especially one built of wood in an area of forest or mountains a log cabin2 TTWa small room on a ship in which you live or sleep3 TTAan area inside a plane where the passengers sit or where the pilot works the First Class cabin
Examples from the Corpus
cabinI made storm shields for the big cabin windows and skylights.Above: The elaborately decorated cabin of a narrow boat.a log cabinCost: $ 1,795 and $ 1,995 depending on cabin selection.Some are planning getaways to private cabins.Royalties earned from the publications have purchased land upon which students have reconstructed cabins and preserved cultural artifacts.Suddenly, one of the young men picked up a bag and walked into the pilot's cabin!The piles of sawdust from all my work in back of the cabin seemed too good to waste.Her owner's full width cabin, plus four equal guest cabins give her a unique and pleasing layout.log cabinHe lived alone in a log cabin beside the lake, his only company a portable radio and television.How a self-made man should always say he was born in something like a log cabin, preferably with no running water.The reality of a painted postcard of a log cabin and box of arrowheads disappeared.The path led to a log cabin with a chalet-style sloping roof in the middle of a clearing.They settled in Prairieville in Barry County, cleared land, and put up a log cabin and later a proper house.Genuine pre-fab log cabins hitched up to the mains.Sometimes I am in the log cabin, looking at it; other times I am wandering through it.
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