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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcachetcach‧et /ˈkæʃeɪ $ kæˈʃeɪ/ noun [singular, uncountable]  formalREPUTATION if something has cachet, people think it is very good or special syn kudos It’s a good college, but lacks the cachet of Harvard.
Examples from the Corpus
cachetThey were invited as VIPs, to decorate the crowd, to bring added cachet to a Lasers game.Warner Bros. had also chosen to promote the concerts with top rock promoter Ron Delsner to lend the show added cachet.Controller of Nuclear Power has a certain cachet.The fact that Aharon had just returned from the Soviet Union gave him a certain cachet among the leftists.By the early 1960s, as a consequence, anticommunism had lost its cachet.This being so, civilization in the singular has lost some of its cachet.It had not the cachet of Oxford, but its teachings were sound.
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