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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcacophonyca‧coph‧o‧ny /kəˈkɒfəni $ kəˈkɑː-/ noun [singular]  LOUD/NOISYa loud unpleasant mixture of soundscacophony of a cacophony of car hornscacophonous adjective
Examples from the Corpus
cacophonySeveral hundred thousand newly arrived cars and trucks have turned Tirana into a cacophony of novice drivers, congestion and accidents.A cacophony of violins, clarinets and trumpets fills the air.Perhaps harmonies such as these could form a suitable accompaniment to a horror film, but normally one would avoid such cacophony.Their excited babble and their laughter carried far - the cacophony that ruined many a good hunt.Imagine the cacophony, the confusion-this must have been one crazed country back then.She could have screamed and the sound would have been accepted as part of the cacophony.The seals added to the cacophony as they barked and honked in alarm to their pups and one another.Half of the record aspired towards the cacophony of grinding rock and the other half was still emphasising their pop flair.cacophony ofA cacophony of voices in a dozen languages filled the train station.
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