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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcadcad /kæd/ noun [countable]  BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONS old-fashioned a man who cannot be trusted, especially one who treats women badly
Examples from the Corpus
cadThat he himself happened to be a congenital cad only made the whole thing more difficult, not easier.One that, as an added bonus, makes him apologize to his ex-wife for being such a gosh darn cad?These two mindless cads decided to bring the girl along to the East and have her foot the bill.One could not ignore the existence of situations in which it was necessary to act the part of the cad.
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CADCAD /kæd, ˌsiː eɪ ˈdiː/ noun [uncountable]  (computer-aided design) the use of computers to design industrial products
Examples from the Corpus
CADTo utilise fully a CAD system requires only one work-station for three draughtsmen.Diplomacy in a CAD manager is to be treasured.These are pitched at intensive Windows users and CAD specialists.Excellent experimental facilities exist for CAD, fabrication, and assessment of integrated circuits.Both metal bashing and circuitry are technologies well suited to benefit from CAD.Solid modelling is the most recent major development in CAD to be marketed.Until recently, none of Clarks' designers had used the CAD system.Employee response and reaction to CAD depends on their attitude and ability, as well as age.
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